Garage Kits

1/6 Sailor Moon Crystal ORI

Scale: 1/6 Sculptor / Company: E2046 Origin: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Commissioned kit. This particular kit took a very, VERY long time to problem solve, repair, fix and so on. I originally just had this copy to do, but sold my own copy to a particular individual which I will reveal more info about that kit and it's colors once I finish the final details of her to be photographed. For this kit when I received it had a lot of issues. I noticed a lot of areas of imperfections were filled with super glue / resin mixture that disentigrated when I used cleaning agents, thus revealing more issues down the line. Hair seamlines took the most time to get right and piunning a specific way so nothing comes apart. Since this kit was painted as a commission, I also have to problem solve assembily that is easy enough for the person to put it together, but also not having so many hair divisions, it makes the appearance ugly. Also given many mishaps of last year, this kit was an off and on motivator killer and also mental state not being there to want to work on it. We did go through many color revisions to get it right, thus the joy having it all come together to the clients needs =)

Modifications & Requests:
-Connected most of the hair pieces so they were seamless / less hair seperation by the odango bun so it was not an eyesore to see the seamlines.
-Sanded off odango hair ornaments and made my own by sizing my own O rings and using enamel button drops to make the red odango ornament.
-The earrings I have made from scratch. I was not happy with the look so I used various nail art supplies to make my own and UV resin to sure the pieces so they did not fall apart down the road.
-Drilled tiara jewel and filled with glitter / transparent red uv resin.
-Fixed the skirt so it showed less butt, still visible not not as much at certain angles.
-Base is made from scratch using various Dollar store rock materials, putty to fill around the rocks, crystals from michaels that were modificed and painted with various effects and clear colors, and color shifting glitter that might be hard to see in some photos.
-Heat bended a lot of the hair pieces so it was a) easier to ship and was more compact to save space, b) to match reference since some pieces were bent during molding process.
-Eyes painted by hand. Did a digital draft over the resin part to get a rough idea on position and painted from there.
- More to add if I remember, haha!