“I may be small but I pack a big punch!”

Hey there! I’m Samantha, 31 year old shorty that lives in the United States. In 2012 I received my associates degree in Graphic & Web Design. Today, I now work almost full time painting figurines and drawing traditional & digital works for clients around the world as well as do freelance graphic & web design projects from home!. Given my struggles finding a design job in my field, my next best thing was to continue persuing my art. I came across building Garage Kit model figures and people grew a favoring for my work.

I can now say I can work almost full time for the job of my dreams, thanks to the support of fellow colleagues, friends and clients. I can't thank you all enough for your support! I have never been happier! I am someone who was always fasinated by learning something new, whether its tech related or hobby related. I became fond with crafts, garage kit figure building, and animation and continuing my illustration skills as time flew by. You can visit my commissions info by clicking my contact page and reading my commission info from there. I look forward to hearing from you and making new friends in the process! If also you are interested in viewing my professional graphic & web design material visit:


I have been doing illustration work ever since I can remember. I specialize in digital and traditional works that includes original designs, commissions for clients and fan art of popular characters.


I am also a manga / graphic novel collector. I get inspired by the 100s of manga artists I come across when reading through them and a majority help me in developing my current illustration style!


Call me an 'otaku' if you will, I am also an addict to anime / cartoon figurines and like building up my collection of PVC / resin figures. Occasionally I will do unboxing videos / reviews on my youtube page.

Garage Kits


During my free time, I paint garage kits which are high quality casted figures that are disassembled. I buy the resin kit, inspect the parts, fix imperfections and continue onto the painting processes.

Youtube Videos!